About DKS Satellite Xplore Services for Rural Ottawa

We are located at 27 Kearnsley Ave in Stittsville On, in the west end of Ottawa. We cover an area from Hawkesbury in the east to Renfrew in the west and Smiths Falls in the south and Winchester in the south-east. But we are flexible and will consider further any requests outside that area.

We have been in business for 38 years and have seen the changes many times. We have for the most part always offered upgrade programs to our past customers and will continue as events allow. Call us and let us answer any and all questions you may have.

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We not only install the products and such, but we also do repair work as needed. For the most part the equipment is considered rental with some exception for satellite. All XPLORE installed equipment remains the property of XPLORE.

We are one of those companies that will service what we install. That is unfortunately getting more rare today.

DKS Satellite Xplore Services

Our Location

27 Kearnsley Way
Stittsville, ON, K2S 1G8